About Us

The Fanatic Collectibles (FC) project initially began in 2017 but did not make it onto the online world until mid 2018. We understand from a sellers perspective the venues available online can make it questionable whether or not to sell your cards due to all the fees and charges that come with their service: such as, but not limited to, listing fees, additional image fees, highlighted title listing fees, commission fees, storage fees and, in some instances, even "cash out" charges from YOUR sales.


Granted these venues are businesses and offer a service as well; however the hobby in itself can be expensive enough - it can do without the excess fees, am I right? Fanatic Collectibles offers an alternate marketplace for collector's to list and sell their items with less overall fees & charges. (With the exception of charges from outside sources or payment gateways; Paypal.

We hope our service is useful to others that may share the same insight.

Plans help pay for the sites hosting, domain and maintenance fees. But they are NOT mandatory. There is no obligation upon our members to subcscribe to these plans whatsoever. 

As we grow, become well-known and trusted; we hope our marketplace will be a primary website used by like-minded collectors!