About Us

The Fanatic Collectibles (FC) project initially began in 2017 but did not make it onto the online world until mid 2018. Personally as a buyer, seller and collector; the venues used online seemed to make it questionable whether or not to sell my cards at all. From listing fees, additional image fees, highlighting listings fees, commission fees and, in some instances, even "cash out" fees of your earned money from your sales. Seriously? It's the equivalent to your bank charging you to widthdrawal your cash out through their ATM when you want your cash in hand.

It makes it nearly pointless to attempt to sell "less valuable" (low) or mid-grade cards and could never entirely justify the commission percentages of sales. Nor does it make any sense to be charged for unsold items each month - which occurs in some instances.

Granted, these venues are businesses and offer a service; however we believe the hobby in itself can be expensive enough without the excess charges and fees to those attempting to sell their own private items. Fanatic Collectibles decided to take a different approach with alternate options that could enable sellers and collector's to list and sell their items with less overall charges. (With the exception of charges from outside sources or payment gateways; Paypal.)

Currently, only three (3) of our plans carry "fees"; the Silver plan which only takes an 8% final value fee, the Gold plan with a 5% final value fee. Lastly, our Platinum plan, for the true Fanatic which is only $79.99 annually with no commissions whatsoever! These plans help pay for the sites hosting, domain and maintenance fees. But, these are not mandatory, standard or any kind of obligation upon our members. Hence the Basic Plan which is without any final value fees.

However, we hope the site is used by like-minded sellers and collectors!