We were quietly working...

Nov 14, 2020
by Fanatic Collectibles

It has been so hectic that News updates took a back seat. So what have we been up to?
Several changes, actually.

As you have probably seen - we have added the Buck Bin to the roster of sections. Where all cards starting at $1 or less are all in one section and easily rummage through using the filters. (Of course cards are only added at the discrestion of the seller.)

We have also linked to PriceGuide.cards to help along with pricing your cards. What really stuck out with this site is how it's not limited to just sold listings from the past 90 days. It keeps the sold listings history. Very useful site! I personally thank Tom for all his hard work and dedication to his website.

We are also prepping for our 2nd year of Card of the Day on our Instagram. A new design has been decided on for our 2021 series!

We have also jumped onto Twitter, so we hope to tweet and connect with others!

Our curiousity got the better of us - so we have compiled a survey that we hope will help us along with the future development of FC!

Several updates are yet to come - some will be noticable - others not-so-much. All the while gradually trying to get our brand "out there."


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