Redemption Centre

Welcome to the Reward Points Redemption Centre! Here you will find items that can be purchased using Reward Points. Although these items can be purchased in USD - be aware; their cost could be 2-10x more than the purchase price in Reward Points and does not reflect the value of the item.
These inflated prices are set in such way to encourage the use of our Reward Points system.

To view the price in Reward Points simply view the item by clicking the image or title, or by clicking Quick View.

To purchase using Reward Points; add the item to your cart. It will display your current points balance and the option to redeem your points for the item. (Note: If your account has no Reward Points, this section will not appear.)

Don't have Reward Points? Find out how to gain some HERE!

**Please note the items below are currently in test mode and are not available at this time.**

There are no products in this section