Seller Info

How to add items

  1. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store, then click the + button in the upper right part of the page. 

  2. The product creation page will open. Configure the required properties of the card(s). You’ll be able to edit the properties later at any time.

    Some properties don’t appear during product creation and are available only when you edit a product. (View step #6)

  3. Click the Create button. 

  4. Set the Categories, the best option is to click the three horizontal lines icon.

  5. Select the proper era under the appropriate section or sport. For this example, the card being added will be catalogued under Baseball > 1990-1999. Please, do NOT: choose the parent category (Baseball, Basketball etc.), do not choose more than one era within a category and no more than one parent category; to clarify when listing an item simply choose the era under the right category or sport - do not select additional category eras if they do not belong. 
  6. Once the Create button is clicked (top-right) - an additional menu will appear (image below). The only section to focus on and that is required is the Features tab.
  7. It is very important to set these Attributes. This helps categorize your cards within the storefront and also enables them to be found within the product filters (Teams, Manufacturer, Year, Condition, Attributes & Price)

Adding Multiple Products

  1. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store.

  2. Click the gear button in the upper right part of the page and choose Bulk product addition.

  3. Add products and fill in the empty fields.

  4. Click Create.

Cloning a Product

If you plan to have several cards with identical properties, you don’t need to create each of them manually. Instead of specifying the card properties each time that you add a new product, you can:

  1. Set up one sample card with the common properties.

  2. Clone the sample.

  3. Change the names and individual properties of the clone.

Two cloning methods

  1. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store.

  2. Select the cards that you’d like to clone by highlighting them. (Click somewhere away from the title)

  3. Choose Clone selected in the Actions tab.

  4. If you click the title and enter the listing, you can click the gear icon > a menu will drop, choose Clone.
  5. Cloned products will be created with Disabled status.

  6. Edit the clone products and enable them by changing their statuses to Active.


Editing Multiple Cards at Once

You can edit the properties of a group of cards.

  1. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store.

  2. Select the the cards that you’d like to edit by highlighting them.

  3. Click Edit selected above the list of products. 

  4. A pop-up window will open. Tick the checkboxes of available properties you’d like to edit, then click Modify selected.

    Avoid choosing too many properties at once, or else it will be inconvenient to edit them all. However, primarily the fields likely to edit are: Features, Price and Quantity.

  5. The selected products and their properties will appear on one page. Edit them, then click the Save button in the top right corner.

    Use Apply values to all the selected products in the upper left part of the page to update the value of the property for all the selected products at once.

Updating Prices & Stock for All Items

Sellers can update some properties all at once. For example, you can increase the prices of all items by 10%, or increase the list price to display discount labels on all your items.

To update all items:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Products → Products.

  2. Click the gear button in the upper right part of the page and choose Global update.

  3. A new page will open. There you can update the following product properties:

    • Price
    • List price
    • In stock (the number of cards in stock)

    By default, the update is performed for all items. But if you use the Add product button, then the properties will be updated only for the selected items.

  4. Once you’ve chosen how to update product properties, click Apply.


Manage sales orders


Setting shipping rates

Fanatic Collectibles has a default shipping rate system that is dependant on the quantity of item sold.
Once your account has been activated these rates are already setup as followed:

From Canada shipping within Canada → $3.50 for 1st item and $0.50 for each additional.
From Canada shipping to USA → $4.50 for 1st item and $0.75 for each additional.

You can add to the 1st item price by filling the shipping freight. When adding/editing an item you can go to the Shipping properties tab. Adding a price to the Shipping freight will add to the default price.
For example; Putting $1.50 into the Shipping freight box will add the price you submitted to the default 1st item shipping charge.

Another option sellers have is the liberty to change these rates within their Administration Panel granted that these charges are within reason - extensive shipping rates won't be overlooked - this isn't eBay. Note: If you are creating your own shipping rates be sure to inform an Admin so the default can be disabled on your account. Otherwise buyers can choose the default shipping charges instead.
The Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods page contains a list of shipping methods available or in use. A shipping method is a set of rules and parameters to calculate the cost of shipping orders to buyers depending on:

  • Shipping address.
  • Order total.
  • The weight of items in the order.
  • The number of items in the order.
  • Settings of specific products.

A customer will be offered the shipping methods based on how you choose to arrange them.


  1. Go to Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods.

  2. Click the + button in the upper right part of the page to add a new shipping method.

  3. Fill in the marked areas.
  4. Click the Create button.

 Shipping Charges

Be sure to add at least one shipping charge for each rate area where you want it to be available. Otherwise the shipping method won’t appear to customers at checkout.

The rates that you define here are used to calculate the shipping cost.

If you receive rates from a shipping service provider in real time, the charges from this section will be simply added to the received rates. You can use this to compensate for your actual expenses if they exceed the values returned by the carrier (e.g., packing, insurance, etc.)

The rates can depend on the product cost, weight or quantity, and on customer’s rate area. Once you’re done specifying the rates, click Save.

A (+) next to the rate area name means that you have specified the rates, and the shipping method will be available to the customers who specified the address matching that rate area.

  • Product cost/Weight/Quantity—the minimum value when the rate must apply.
  • Rate value—the shipping rate itself.
  • Type—the type of the rate: an absolute value or a percentage.

The trade-in plan

To fully understand the terms of the trade-in plan, please be sure to review the program guidelines and rules when applying. On the "Apply for a seller account" page, you can click the link to view more information about the Trade-In plan.

The link for the submission form is found at the beginning. However, we strongly recommend you read "How it works" and any other information (if you haven't already) upon the page before proceeding to the form.

Fill out the form as accurate as possible; this will ultimately vary on the outcome. Also, not submitting a proper photo can result in dismissal of the submission.

Expect a response within 24-48 hours. If you are not sent a reply, feel free to Contact us.