Trade-In Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully!

How it works

Submit a form which could be found HERE.
Upon review we will either a) accept the offer, b) make a counteroffer or c) decline.
If accepted, or come to an agreement, we wait for the package to arrive. Upon successful delivery, items will be inspected and ensure that everything is in proper condition and accounted for, that the proper cards are in the package etc. Any missing, damaged or different items may or can change the agreement. If all checks out and processed, your seller account will reflect the custom plan and will be activated. An email notification is sent at such time.

Note: Once items are in our possession, any or all item(s) become the property of Fanatic Collectibles. Any damaged cards (either prior or during shipping) reflect the outcome of the value that was agreed upon. The trade-in program is non refundable. Misleading, damaged or fraudulent packages can result in a warning and ultimately a cancellation from using the trade-in feature or entire account cancellation. Each plan is solely decided at our discretion and can be modified or cancelled without warning or notice.

Items received that are not as described - may be sent back (at clients expense) or may arrange alternate method or agreement of payment.

Sending items without submitting a form is prohibited, no plan is awarded to your account and will not be returned.

Shipping to us

Be aware you are responsible for making sure your cards arrive safely. We are not liable for any packages lost, damaged or undelivered. Assume your package will be tossed around during transit. Please use one of the following techniques for packing the cards.

- Cardboard storage boxes - Place raw cards directly in cardboard boxes, carefully insert padding where there is space. Placing the box in a larger box with padding such as newspaper or other materials is also an option.
- Another option is a flat rate box. Visit your local Post Office for more information on these shipping boxes.

Although penny sleeves are not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to place padding material inside to avoid the cards from being tossed during transit and box sealed securely. But please keep in mind, any damages to the cards during shipment will effect the value of the overall agreement of your exchange.
2-piece slider boxes are also a great idea, please be sure to tape the slider boxes shut.

You are welcome to use any shipper you would like, but we recommend some form of tracking to confirm delivery.

It's highly recommended you request delivery confirmation. You are responsible for the package until they arrive, so you may want to consider getting insurance. Of course, it is at your discretion.