Items not accepted for the Trade-In program

  • Unopened boxes or packs, this also includes factory sealed sets. 
  • Altered cards (Trimmed, or altered in any way)
  • Memorabilia of any kind are not accepted. (ie: bats, jerseys, stick etc.)
  • Base cards
  • Sets and base cards from the 90s era
  • Damaged cards
The condition is key and affects its overall value. Normal wear for vintage cards is acceptable but must be within reason.
Counterfeit and Fake cards: It is a crime to intentionally sell counterfeit or fake cards. If any card that has known counterfeits or we question its authenticity, it shall be reviewed by a third party. If the final conclusion is that the card is counterfeit, we will keep it as evidence. If there was an intent to defraud us, it will be reported to the authorities.